ATTDX UltraClean Pipeline Dissolving Powder

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Experience the Unmatched Efficiency of Our Dynamic Clog-Busting Powder, Your Go-To Solution for Sparkling Drains and Smooth-Running Plumbing Systems

The main cause of household water pipe blockages is solid substances such as hair or food residue, which accumulate in the pipes and are difficult to flush away with clean water. To address this issue, use our ATTDX UltraClean Pipeline Dissolving Powder, the ultimate solution for stubborn blockages. Its superior dissolving action effortlessly removes troublesome substances from the pipes, including hair, food residue, and more. This versatile powder is suitable for cleaning not only toilets and kitchen sinks but also effectively clears blockages in hair and bathroom sinks. With ATTDX UltraClean Pipeline Dissolving Powder, you can easily eliminate pipe problems and enjoy hassle-free cleaning in your daily life.

ATTDX UltraClean Pipeline Dissolving Powder

Powerful Decontamination with Superior Odor Control

ATTDX UltraClean Pipeline Dissolving Powder offers advanced cleaning for various surfaces, from toilets to vegetable sinks, hair, and face sinks. Harnessing powerful foam action, it effortlessly dissolves dirt and stains, leaving surfaces sparkling like new. With its strong odor control capabilities, it eradicates stubborn stains and eliminates lingering odors, ensuring a fresh, clean environment with every use.

ATTDX UltraClean Pipeline Dissolving Powder

Pristine Pipes, Hassle-Free Cleaning

Get ready for spotless pipes and worry-free cleaning with ATTDX UltraClean Pipeline Dissolving Powder. Our powerful formula ensures every nook and cranny gets thoroughly cleaned without causing any harm to your pipes. Say goodbye to stubborn clogs and costly repairs—choose ATTDX for a cleaner, happier home today!

ATTDX UltraClean Pipeline Dissolving Powder

Safe & Deodorizing Powdery Formula

Unlike liquid solutions, our powdery formula not only ensures safety for your skin but also helps deodorize surfaces. Even if accidental contact occurs, rest assured that your hands remain unharmed, offering peace of mind during cleaning tasks.

Key Ingredients for ATTDX UltraClean Pipeline Dissolving Powder


Commonly known as lye, is a potent alkali that dissolves organic matter such as hair, food particles, and soap scum, making it effective for unclogging toilets and sinks. Its caustic nature reacts with fats and proteins, breaking them down into water-soluble compounds that can be easily flushed away, restoring proper drainage. However, caution must be exercised while handling sodium hydroxide due to its corrosive properties, and it should be used in a well-ventilated area while wearing protective gear.

ATTDX UltraClean Pipeline Dissolving Powder



A strong alkaline compound, is effective in breaking down grease and other organic substances that cause clogs in sinks and drains, including those in vegetable and face sinks. Its ability to dissolve oils and fats makes it particularly useful for clearing hair clogs and soap residues. Ammonia also helps neutralize odors, leaving behind a fresh and clean scent after unclogging tasks. However, it should be used with caution and in well-ventilated areas to avoid respiratory irritation.

ATTDX UltraClean Pipeline Dissolving Powder

Yuav siv li cas:

  1. Add the Dissolving Powder to Toilet, Vegetable Sink, Hair, or Face Sink.
  2. Follow by injecting hot water, preferably at 50°C.
  3. Cia qhov kev daws teeb meem zaum 10-15 feeb.
  4. Finally, flush the area with clean water to rinse away any residue.
ATTDX UltraClean Pipeline Dissolving Powder

What makes ATTDX UltraClean Pipeline Dissolving Powder special?

  • Powerful dissolving action
  • Targets various blockages
  • Fast-acting formula
  • Ib qho yooj yim mus siv
  • Ib puag ncig tus phooj ywg
  • Safe for pipes
  • Ua haujlwm ntev

Sau ntawv:

  1. Do not touch the skin or take it orally, and keep out of reach of children!
  2. Be careful to prevent the product from coming into contact with your eyes and skin. If it is accidentally touched, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention immediately with this product on you.
  3. Please use in a well-ventilated environment
  4. Do not use other chemicals and dredging agents before and after using this product.
  5. This product is not suitable for plastic hoses and aluminum pipes
  6. Tighten the bottle cap when not used up, and be careful to prevent moisture.
  7. Please follow the instructions for use, otherwise the user will be responsible for any consequences.
ATTDX UltraClean Pipeline Dissolving Powder
ATTDX UltraClean Pipeline Dissolving Powder
$13.95 - $37.95 Xaiv cov kev xaiv