Ceoerty ™ ReversiAge NMN Dual Kho Mask

$19.95 - $84.95

Tsuag tsuag ma! Xwb 7 cov khoom seem hauv Tshuag

Reverse the effects of time on your skin with Ceoerty™ ReversiAge NMN Dual Repair Mask! Take a look at these happy women who tried our repair mask.

Ceoerty ™ ReversiAge NMN Dual Kho Mask

“After turning 50, I noticed my skin with deepening expression lines and wrinkles especially on the forehead. Ceoerty™ ReversiAge NMN Dual Repair Mask lifted my skin and made it smooth – making wrinkles much less noticeable and almost gone! I felt younger and confident & this has made a big difference to my appearance. Loving this mask!” – Miranda Baxter, United Kingdom

Ceoerty ™ ReversiAge NMN Dual Kho Mask

“After using this Ceoerty™ ReversiAge Mask, I am absolutely amazed! This has been very effective in eliminating the appearance of my wrinkles and it lifted my sagging skin! I strongly recommend this NMN repair mask to anyone who wants to improve the overall health of their skin.” – Freda Miner, Australia

Presenting a Revolutionary Breakthrough in Skincare Technology: Ceoerty ™ ReversiAge NMN Dual Kho Mask

Co-developed by Ceoerty™ and American Genesis Biotech, Ceoerty™ ReversiAge is specially designed to offer the ultimate in repair, hydration, and anti-aging experiences. The mask’s unique ingredient, NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide), stands at the forefront of anti-aging research, directly targeting aging DNA cells to activate cell regeneration and restore youth. Paired with rare Gentian extract, it doubles the repair effectiveness, combating dryness, and dullness, and effectively smoothing fine lines for firmer skin.

Ceoerty ™ ReversiAge NMN Dual Kho Mask

ua nrog zoo natural mulberry silk, lub npog ntsej muag haum ze rau ntawm daim tawv nqaij, kom ntseeg tau tias tob tob ntawm NMN thiab Gentian extract rau kev kho mob hnyav. Tsis tas li ntawd, daim npog ntsej muag ua rau a moisturizing tiv thaiv zaj duab xis ntawm daim tawv nqaij saum npoo, muab ntev hydration thiab ntxiv dag zog rau daim tawv nqaij barrier. Furthermore, the addition of collagen in the mask further enhances skin smoothness and delicacy, especially effective in improving sensitive skin conditions, instantly granting the skin hydration and elasticity for a healthy, tender complexion.

Ceoerty ™ ReversiAge NMN Dual Kho Mask

The New Era of Youthful Skin!

Revolutionary Anti-Aging Formula: Ceoerty™ mask integrates high-concentration NMN and precious Gentian extract, specifically designed to activate the body’s longevity protein SIRT1, significantly increasing NAD+ levels, and fundamentally slowing down the aging process. 

Superior Skin Elasticity Enhancement: Los ntawm kev txhawb nqa NAD + qib, this mask not only fights aging but also significantly enhances daim tawv nqaij elasticity thiab luster, reshaping a firm, youthful appearance.

Exclusive Anti-Inflammatory thiab Brightening Technology: Kev siv NMN's metabolic enhancement zog, Ceoerty™ ReversiAge mask deeply improves overall skin health, effectively reducing inflammation while brightening the complexion.

Daim tawv nqaij Barrier tiv thaiv: Its unique formula, through sib sib zog nqus hydration, tiv thaiv antioxidant, thiab txo qhov mob, zoo ntxiv dag zog rau daim tawv nqaij barrier tiv thaiv sab nraud ib puag ncig kev puas tsuaj. Lub npog ntsej muag no muab kev rov qab zoo thiab kev tiv thaiv, ua kom koj cov tawv nqaij noj qab nyob zoo thiab ci ntsa iab nyob rau txhua qhov xwm txheej.

Why Choose Ceoerty™ ReversiAge NMN Dual Repair Mask?

✅ Formulated nrog scientific precision, siv cov khoom xyaw zoo tshaj plaws
✅ Kev ua tau zoo sai sai, txhim kho daim tawv nqaij tseem ceeb hauv lub lis piam
✅ Kev nyab xeeb thiab maj mam, haum rau txhua hom tawv nqaij, nrog rau cov tawv nqaij rhiab heev
✅ Yooj yim rau siv, siv zog ua ke rau hauv koj cov kev tu tawv nqaij txhua hnub

Yuav siv li cas:

  1. Ntxuav koj lub ntsej muag: Thoroughly clean your face before using the mask to ensure the skin is free of oil and dirt.
  2. Thov daim npog qhov ncauj: Tso lub ntsej muag ncaj nraim rau ntawm koj lub ntsej muag, thiab maj mam kho kom nws npog tag nrho thiab haum snugly tiv thaiv daim tawv nqaij.
  3. Txaus siab rau kev tu tawv nqaij: So kom txaus thiab tos 15-20 feeb kom tso cai rau lub ntsej muag lub ntsej muag kom nqus tau los ntawm daim tawv nqaij.
  4. Tshem lub npog ntsej muag: After the time is up, gently remove the mask and pat your face to help absorb the remaining essence
Ceoerty ™ ReversiAge NMN Dual Kho Mask
Ceoerty ™ ReversiAge NMN Dual Kho Mask
$19.95 - $84.95 Xaiv cov kev xaiv